Seminar on Outcome Based Education: An Overview and Documentation

Academic Development and Planning Committee (ADPC) invited Prof. S. Ilanko from University of Waikato, New Zealand to conduct a workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) on 25th April 2016 (Monday) from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The title of the session was ‘Outcome Based Education: An Overview and Documentation’. Prof. Ilanko has a vast experience in working accreditation committee backed in New Zealand. He also involved in preparing documents for accreditation. He kindly agreed to share his insights in OBE.

The seminar included an overview on OBE and how to map Intended learning outcomes to IESL outcomes. Almost all our staff crew from the Faculty of Engineering attended the seminar, took part in discussions. Also, the staff members involved in preparing sample OBE document together with the help of Prof. Ilanko and ADPC. All shared constructive comments and made the seminar a successful. the New staff members were happy to have such seminar to understand the concepts of OBE. Since, our curriculum incorporates OBE concept, the seminar was useful in preparing, implementing OBE. ADPC extended our sincere gratitude to Prof. Ilanko for conducting the seminar amidst his tight schedule.