strategic plan for the Faculty

Staff of the Faculty of Engineering together with the volunteers (professors from foreign Universities) developed the Strategic plan of the Faculty of Engineering. This was planned from December 2013 and improved every year and finally it was fine-tuned with more detail steps during the period of April-May 2016. Here, the plan from 2013 till 2016 and its achievements, were studied critically. Any failures were analyzed in detail, together with how those failures to be overcome. Then the path for the Faculty, till 2020, was planned to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and Objectives of the University Grant Commission. Accordingly, the action plan and activities were listed down with the time frame. From this the financial plan was prepared together with the monthly cash flow. We expect the continuous support from the Ministry and the UGC to go with the plan, which will bring the faculty for its best services to the country. Also the faculty thanked the all the top leading officers from the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways and University Grant Commission for their sincere support to the development of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna.