Hydro Power Plants Visit

The Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students and staff have visited to some major power stations of Sri Lanka. The field visit included Victoria, Laxapana, Nilambe mini hydro and Wimalasurendra power stations for two days. It was organized by the subject coordinator Dr. V. Cynthujah under the course “Renewable Energy”.

As it was a great opportunity for students, students of 2013/E and 2014/E who are specializing in the fields of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were participated in the field visit, since the course syllabus contain the operational aspects of the hydro plant, components and their applications of the machines in the power stations. Staff at the power stations explained the generator types, turbine types, the structure of water flow and power generating and controlling methods and the head levels of each power stations, the power generation details, maintenance and the losses & fault recovery at each power station. It was excellent practical knowledge to learn about the hydro power generation through this field visit.