Dr. B. Ketheesan attended as Chief Guest for the Water Day Competition Certificate awarding ceremony

Every year throughout the world on the 22nd of March World Water Day is remembered and celebrated. In keeping with this celebration the “World Water Day Art Competition’’ was conducted for the School children in our project area. This program was celebrated at KN/ Barathy Vidyalayam on the 21st March 2017, more than 55 School children from three Schools in our project area, 15 teachers and WaSSIP staff also participated in this program.

The certificate awarding ceremony was held on 3rd August 2017. Dr. B. Ketheesan had been in-charge of the Water quality laboratory in Singapore. It was a very important and essential aspect, that he was able to be with us and to share his views. The participation of Dr. B. Ketheesan in this program as Chief Guest and his address to the student on Water Management and its importance created an awareness among the students. He also expressed that conducting such awareness program in the society will create an awareness among the people to bring about the change.

Objectives of the program:
• To understand by whom, to whom, and why the project is being implemented.
• To create awareness about the importance and necessity of implementing Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project.
• To encourage a change of behavior and attitude in their life for the future.
• The information that the School children receive will reach the family; the information that reaches the family will reach the community.

All the participants expressed through their drawings, the meaningful themes. They are given below:
• Importance of water for human life.
• How to prevent water wastage in daily human living.
• How to save water during the rainy season, Rainwater harvesting system
• Without proper water source environment is destroyed
• Without proper water management mechanism the community will face future challenges.
• How the ground water is polluted was also shown.
• The judges selected the students whose drawing was meaningful as the best among the competitor to be awarded the prize.
• In keeping with the judge’s decision, 11 students were selected as winners in this Art Competition. It was decided to issue Certificates to all who participate in this Art Competition.
• With the consent of the Zonal Director of Education Certificates for the World Water Day Art Competition was successfully implemented on the 3rd of August 2017.

Output of this program:
• All the 52 students who participated received their Certificates.
• 11 students who succeeded in the contest received their prizes.
• All involved in the field of Education came to know about the project conducted by the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply.
• The School communities in our project area have been sensitized about Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project.
• The society was awakened to the fact that tree planning activity is vital aspect in this project.