Faculty staff members participated to the Training program on ASSESSMENTS FOR OUTCOME BASED LEARNING

A two day training program on the theme ‘Assessments for outcome based learning’ was conducted by Associate  Prof Lyn Brodie,Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia  on June 3rd and 4th, 2015 at Hotel Ozo,Colombo 4. Prof. Lyn Brodie is identified as an expert trainer on Outcome Based Education. This program was organized by the Institution of Engineering Sri Lanka for the selected academic staff member in Sri Lankan Universities.

This was very good training program which gave excellent information about the (i) big picture of accreditation, (ii) writing learning outcomes for good assessment, (iii) linking assessments to learning outcomes and (iv) alternative teaching strategies. It was delivered through number of group discussions, individual and group activities which gave excellent opportunity to the staff members to really design and work on their own in outcome based learning.

It was very fortunate that the five of the staff members Dr. A. Atputharajah, Dr. A. Anburuvel, Dr. V. Cynthujah, Ms. H. Krishnarajah, Mr. S. Thananjeyan and Mr. S. Arunan of the Faculty of Engineering participated in this workshop. This will help the staff on designing and updating the curriculum while delivering the best engineering education according to the outcome based method. The Faculty of Engineering thanks the IESL for giving this opportunity to the staff members. Further it was an excellent opportunity to the staffs, as the training program falls into the semester break period.