Dr. V. Cynthujah delivered Kickoff lecture on Industrial Training at the Faculty of Agriculture

Dr. V. Cynthujah, the coordinator of the Industrial Training Unit of the Faculty of Engineering, delivered a lecture about the Industrial Training Program at the Faculty of Agriculture. She also share her experience as the Industrial Training Coordinator of Faculty of Engineering with the undergraduates and staff members of the Agriculture Faculty. It was excellent way of sharing the knowledge between the Faculties while helping each other. This event was coordinated by Dr. Thirukumaran, Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Agriculture and held on 10th June 2015.

In the recent past, the Faculties of Agriculture and Engineering were brought up at Kilinochchi almost at the same time. Faculty of Agriculture is passing the 25 years of its services, with their dedicated staff members, from its establishment. It is excellent to have two faculties, where both are from science based stream, closer to each other. It is a wonderful experience for the students while knowing each other from different faculties. Further joining both faculties brings gender balance while providing campus environment for students at Kilinochchi premises.