Rohan Jayasundera and Mugunthan Sivayoganathan from Uni of Waterloo visited the Faculty of Engineering

Rohan Jayasundara is one of the very experienced people from the University of Waterloo, served several years and earned a great reputation for Undergraduate teaching from his students. Mugunthan graduated from the University of Peradeniya and obtained his PhD from Ryerson University, Canada and currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow attached to the Department of Mechnical and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo. Both of them visited the Faculty of Engineering on 25th June 2015 and held a discussion with the staff members. It was a wonderful presentation from Rohan on sharing his teaching and evaluation experience with our staff members. Several levels of evaluations with examples shown in his presentation gave a deep understanding on different levels.

Further, possible research opportunities at the University of Waterloo were also discussed. In Mugunthan’s presentation the state of the art Nano-technology applications were discussed.