Students from Department of Physics visited to the Engineering

A study tour was organized, on 3rd June 2016, by the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Science to experience the development of the roof top solar project and solar measuring station. A group of students headed by Professor P. Ravirajan visited to the Faculty. This is to share the knowledge and experience on roof top solar project and solar measuring station. The students visited to the project sites at the Faculty of Engineering. Further they requested for the data collected from the solar measuring station for their research work.

It is always good to remember the past work. At the time of solar measuring station was proposed in 2012 to the Faculty of Engineering, the faculty was not existed. Professor P. Ravirajan, who is the lead researcher in the solar projects, took over the responsibility from the University of Jaffna related to solar activities. He obtained the permission from the Council of the University of Jaffna to place the solar measuring station at the University of Jaffna. Then it was transferred to Kilinochchi Engineering Faculty premises due to unavailability of required spaces without shadows at the Jaffna main branch. The faculty of Engineering thanks Professor P. Ravirajan for his support as official contact person from the University of Jaffna and help to obtain the approval at the initial part of this solar measuring station project.