Tamil Engineering Foundation donated 50 drawing boxes to the students

The Tamil Engineering Foundation (TEF), which is also called as Engineering Charity Fund Australia, donated 50 drawing boxes to the students of the Faculty of Engineering. This was donated on 12th December 2017. The TEF was donating the drawing boxes to the students in the past also. This was given as facility to the students to process their education without any difficulties. Always when the faculty take additional students, it was supported by the TEF and Engineering graduates with building up the positive capacity of the Engineering Student Union (ESU). As a result the ESU manage the drawing box distribution with the help of the Senior Treasurer Dr. B. Ketheesan. It is also another level of managerial capacity building to the students as they have been provided the capital. They have to look after the recurrent expenditure on repairing and replacement of these components, when they got damaged. This has been continued from the birth of the Faculty of Engineering and working excellently as services to the students. The faculty and the students are sincerely thanking the TEF for their support on donation of these 50 drawing boxes with the cost of 280,800 SLR. With this donation the ESU has the capital total of 125 drawing boxes. This donation and event was coordinated by Dr. B. Ketheesan and Ms. Hamshie Krishnarajah from the Faculty of Engineering.