Wind Force Pvt. Ltd. donated 5kW wind turbine to the Faculty of Engineering

Eng.Manjula Perera, CEO of the wind force Pvt. Ltd. donated a wind turbine to the Faculty of Engineering.This is one of the latest model of the wind turbine with AC-DC-AC converter arrangement.This was also installed by the Wind Force Pvt. Ltd. at the renewable energy park of the Faculty of Engineering. These are donated to demonstrate the renewable energy technology to the undergraduates as well as community. This is now operating as the grid connected wind turbine with the permissions from the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and Ceylon Electricity Board. This is excellent help to the Faculty of Engineering to grow up the knowledge of the students with the green and sustainable energy technologies. The faculty thank Eng. Manjula Perera for donating this valuable donation to the Faculty of Engineering for the purpose of undergraduates teaching and demonstrating to the community and other renewable energy technology developers.