Demonstration on community based waste recycling business project

One of the Australian-Sri Lankan University partnerships project is on developing community-based waste recycling businesses. This is one of the successful community oriented project, conducted at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna. A small scale demonstration was carried out on 23rd September 2016.

Mr. Reddy from India as volunteer and Mr. Ashockfrom Sri Lanka completed the initial ground work to set up the experimental set up at the Faculty of Engineering with the support from Dr. RandikaJayasinghe and Dr. V.Cynthujah. They have contacted communities with this project to implement a real scale project and they also conducted market surveys in Jaffnaarea, contacted government officials and NGOs. With this pilot demonstration Mr. Reddy’s work in this visit is comes to the end and Mr. Dan Hede will be joining from next month to continue this project from there onwards. The Faculty thank to Dr. Randika, who coordinated this project in Sri Lanka, Dr. Cynthujah for coordinating this project from University of Jaffna and Professor Caroline Baillie, who is the overall in-charge of this project from University of Western Australia.

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