Faculty Library was shifted to the new building

The library of the faculty was established just together with the faculty in February 2014. The faculty curriculum is completely based on the Outcome Based Education (OBE). Therefore the lifelong learning and self-learning are most important items in the Faculty Education Systems. As a result the library development was stressed from its beginning as one of the essential sections to be developed.

Several professionals, who are living in foreign countries, help by donating books and other relevant materials for this Library. Few professionals in Sri Lanka and few organizations, including Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), also helped in the library development.

Today the library has over 10,000 books and other reading materials. Now the library is in its permanent place of the Faculty, where it is expected to be operated for next 10 years. Therefore the next step will be implementing the fully automated system. This will create much easy and conducive environment to the students to use the library facilities with the latest technology.