Soft skill development program to the students

It has been notified as one of the common problem is lag of soft skill development. As a result six weeks of soft skill program is initiated at the Faculty board and applied to the students during their 12 weeks of break. Therefore among the 12 weeks break after the first semester, the students will be spending 6 weeks in the Faculty to follow these programs. These programs are different from each other and they are enjoyable and interesting to the students.

Basically the program covers (i) Sinhala-Tamil teaching, (ii) Health education, (iii) solving challenging problems, (iv) stress management, (v) presentation skill development events, (vi) team working events, (viii) opportunity events for innovative thinking etc.. The faculty invited number of resource persons from many organizations, industries and volunteers who were the leaders and proven administrators hold leading positions. This program was conducted with the help of more than 20 resource persons and the faculty thanks for their valuable time and help to boost the soft skills of the students. This program for the year 2017 was conducted from 24th April till 2nd June and coordinated by Dr. B. Ketheesan.