Second Surveying Camp of the Engineering students

Surveying Camp is part of the curriculum of the “CE 4010: Surveying and Fieldwork” subject. From the second batch, 29 Civil Engineering Students attended the surveying camp and it was 7 days of residential program, which was held from 7th November to 13th November 2016 at the premises of the University of Peradeniya. Students carried out their measuring activities around Art and Science faculties’ area under 5 different projects.

Dr. Jayalath and Dr (Mrs) H Nandalal helped as visiting lecturers from University of Peradeniya. Dr. S. Sivakumar, Eng. Saliya Sampath and Miss. T. Logeswaran participated as full time internal lectures. Eng. M. Vignarajah, Dr. A. Anburuvel, Dr. N. Sathiparan and Dr. D.N. Subramanium attended for evaluation activities. There were five instructors and few labors helped for this camping from Department of Civil Engineering.

Camp fire was held on 12th Saturday night at Peradeniya university premises. It was one of the very successful event conducted by Department of Civil Engineering, where Miss Thakshajini Logeswaran was coordinated surveying camp activities with the help of Eng. Saliya Sampath.