Twenty five bicycles were donated by TEF as remembrance of late Prof. A. Thurairajah

Tamil Engineers Foundation (TEF) have donated 25 bicycles (with the cost of 360,060 rupees) to the students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna. This was done on 10th November 2016 as remembrance of Late Professor A. Thurairajah and with the invited motivational talk to the students by Professor S.B.S. Abayakoon. The same donation took place in 2015 and the bicycles are used effectively by the students.

It is a much needed support for the students since it make much easier internal transport systems. Students manage the bicycles in a self-sustainable manner, that is they distribute the bicycles to the needy students based on a point system that mainly depends on the distance and those receiving the bicycles has the responsibility to maintain it and return it in good condition for others. The faculty thank the TEF for their generous support and these kind of supports add moral boost to the students to learn effectively with greener environment concept. This was coordinated very efficiently by Dr. T. Thiruvaran, who is the Senior Treasurer of the Engineering Student Union.