The IESL YMS UOJ Chapter had lunch time discussion with the IESL President


Eng. J. Meegoda, President of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), visited to the Faculty on 19th November 2016. The IESL Younger Members Chapter of the University of Jaffna, together with the dean and staff of the Faculty of Engineering met him for a discussion. It was very fruitful discussion about the 2017 activities of the IESL YMS UOJ.

It was ended with very well motivated activities and took about one and half hour, which was ended with group lunch meeting. Then the president rushed to the Annual General Meeting of the IESL Northern Chapter, which was held at 4.00pm at Jaffna Tilko City Hotel. The staff of the Faculty of Engineering together with the students also attended to the IESL NPC AGM events as well. The Faculty of Engineering staff and students are happily thanking Eng. Meegoda for his visit and discussion even at his very tight schedule of his visit to the AGM events.