Students participated in inter university concrete mix design competition

Siam City Cement (Lanka) organized an inter university concrete mix design among all engineering faculties in Sri Lanka. Fifteen students took part in the competition: (i) Balasubramaniam Nilakshan, (ii) Abdul Jabbar Imran Khan, (iii) Ratnakumar Neethan, (iv) Tharshikka Vickneswaran, (v) Sivalingam Sivasankaranarayana, (vi) Kulathasan Thanushan, (vii) Dimuth Bopitiya, (viii) Jeyachandramoorthy Luxsan, (ix) Don Ashan Madushka Jeerasingha, (x) Manogaran Jegathees, (xi) Youganathan Yogananth, (xii) Sebamalai Sujithran, (xiii) Maarimuththu Mathivathanan, (xiv) Kirupairajah Thanushan and (xv) Asokarasa Janarth. Three other groups also took part in this competition from Universities of Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Ruhuna, and South Eastern University.

The casting of cubes was on 12th September 2016 in RCW plant concrete lab at Galle and crushing of cubes was on 11th October 2016. This competition was excellent and gave experimental challenges to the students. The participation was very well appreciated by the Siam City Cement (Lanka). These kinds of activities will motivate the students and strengthen industrial collaborations in the future.