Initiation of IT based Industry collaboration with the Department of Computer Engineering

Mr. Canagasaby Ramoshan, Engineer and Social Entrepreneur, CTO of iTEE Foundation in USA, visited to the Faculty with his colleges for initiating IT based industrial collaboration. He initiated this discussion, when the faculty team visited to the USA with the support from Care for Education. Mr. Ramoshan came together with his industrial partners to get connected with the Faculty of Engineering. Mr. C. Ramoshan has been CTO of the iTEE Foundation and an integral part of Yarl IT Hub – an IT incubator in Jaffna for the past 5 years. He is the Director of Engineering, Systems and Applications at Rambus, based in Sunnyvale, CA. He is also the CEO & Co-Founder of Vetri Holdings LLC, which “intends to become the de-facto integrator for the development of IT-based infrastructure in Sri Lanka”.

Mr. Ramoshan from Vetri Holdings and Mr. Jayakrishnan from Arima Technologies (local partner of Vetri holdings in Jaffna) Directors visited for this discussion to collaborate with the Faculty of Engineering University of Jaffna. We discussed on going forward up to signing the MOU with the time when the collaborations starts taking towards the next step. This will allows to use a laboratory setup within the Department of Computer Engineering building for best research and Development. The research outcome can be taken to the incubation center for developing to the commercialization and startups.